Enigma is not only a guild, but also a vibrant community of gamers, with friendships that transcend the games we play.

Taken as a whole we are from all walks of life and nationalities, we are tolerant and social, but we are also driven – to be the best that we can be at all times.

Our guild credo is ‘Pro Bonus Dolus, Pro Palmo Ego’ – which roughly translates as ‘For the good of the guild, before the glory of self’. We expect to genuinely see this attitude in the day to day choices our members make.

We are raiders and conversationalists.
We are socialites and achievers.
We care about our communities, our games and our reputation.
We are not a democracy, but we are fair.
Social & hardcore can co-exist in one package.
We are a mindset.
We are addictive.
We are (at times) a little crazy.
We have fun, but we know when to be serious.
We are structured.
We are likely to get you killed in the depths of the Shadowlands. Repeatedly.
We may make you sing the ‘Little Teapot’ song on Discord.
We Craft, We Sing, We Raid, We Explore, We Strive, We Group, We will succeed.

We are Enigma.


A Brief History

Enigma started out about two weeks after the (EU) The Venture Co was crated in 2005. A handful of people moved from The Maelstrom to start a new adventure joining the Alliance.

After 2-3 weeks, with almost a full contingent of core members and all five-man dungeons cleared, Enigma enters Zul’Gurub. Despite the green gear, we managed to clear the instance before other more prestigious guilds did.

While clearing Zul’Gurub was well on it’s way, Enigma teamed up with “Vision of Excelance” and “Revenants” start progression in Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair. After a few successful fights in these instances we finally managed to field a full raid group in Onyxia’s Lair (or rather about 35 people) and get our first kill.